Weekly update

Dear YAE Members and Alumni,

Please find below an update of the YAE activities on the: a) introduction of the FYAE title, b) Open Science SKILLS survey, c) joint YAE/AE/ALLEA meeting in Budapest, d) SAPEA form, e) update to Admission procedure, f) Notification of EC Roadmaps:

a) Introduction of the FYAE title

At the March BM, the Board decided that effective from 15-03-2017 all YAE Members and Alumni are entitled to use the title FYAE behind their name, similarly as the Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS) and Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).

Example: Prof. Young Researcher FYAE.

The use of FYAE is optional, but highly recommended, to showcase the selection process for becoming a member of the YAE, and the prestige this brings with it.

b) The Open Science SKILLS survey

Our former Chair Lynn Kamerlin, (member of the Working Group SKILLS under the Steering Group Human Resources and Mobility), invites all FYAEs to participate in the Open Science Survey commissioned by the European Commission:

Open Science is one of the most important policy areas currently, hence it is important to have our opinions heard!

c) Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA meeting in Budapest (3-6 September)
The general program for the Budapest meeting has been announced:

We are delighted that the YAE will be represented through invited FYAE speakers in all six Plenary Sessions, following the proposal by our former Chair Hagit Amirav. It is a great honour and success for the YAE and will be a showcase of the expertise and capabilities of the YAE members. A big thanks to Hagit for that!

YAE Annual General Meeting

This year, we will hold our own AGM in Budapest on Sunday 3 and Monday 4 September 2017, and it is connected to the joint YAE/AE/ALLEA meeting. The AGM will include elections of the 2017/18 YAE Board and the Launch Party for YAE becoming a Charity.

So save the date and become part of history!

d) SAPEA Form – Have a say and make a difference in Europe’s Science Policy

If you have not filled out the form sent by the Cardiff hub yet, please do so soonest. SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) and the European Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) need your expertise. The SAPEA is one of the major instruments for influencing and contributing to European Science Policy in the coming years:

Through the YAE you have direct access to shaping Europe’s future and we invite you to make use of it.

e) Update to the Admission procedure

As of 9 February 2017, having been selected as member of a European National Young Academies (ENYAs) may be considered as having passed the criteria for YAE membership, at the discretion of the YAE Board.  Presidents of these ENYAs may propose candidates directly to the YAE Board, together with their CVs and a short statement of motivation for joining the YAE.

f) Notification of Roadmaps published by EC:

Safety goals and functional requirements for small passenger ships (Small Craft Code)
– Trans-European Networks- Transport

Revision of the Written Statement Directive
– Employment and Social Affairs

Evaluation of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive
– Trans-European Networks- Transport

Harnessing the potential of European border regions
– Regional Policy