Weekly update (June)

Dear YAE Members and Alumni,
Our YAE-AGM will take place from Sep. 3-4, and the Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting
from Sep. 4-6 (with an interesting excursion on Sep. 7).
Separate registrations are needed for both events:
– YAE-AGM (Sep. 3-4), http://yae-agm2017.eventzilla.net
– Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA (Sep. 4-7), http://ae-allea-yae-conference2017.org/registration-fees/
Calls and other opportunities
European Review: Call for editors!

The European Review is the official journal of the AE. Some YAE members are currently acting as Associate Editors for the journal. This involves selection and editing of articles for the journal, with a workload of about 12 articles a year. We would like to invite more members to apply for this role, particularly from the Social Sciences and Humanities. The main requirements are native level proficiency in English, and a willingness to read articles from outside your field.

If you are interested, please send a 1-page resume listing your relevant experience to Mangala.Srinivas@Radoudumc.nl
HERCulES: Call for Speakers

The HERCulES group of the AE is planning an event on the Missions of Universities in a Globalised World. This will be a 2-day event later this year. If you are interested in contributing to this programme, please contact the YAE board.

EC call for experts

The EC is calling for experts to revamp research funding. Some of the changes proposed are quite drastic, such as funding individuals rather than teams, scrapping deadlines and more. Read more about it here:


The actual report is here:

Study on the impact of Brexit: Call for case studies

The Young Academy of Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh are launching an initiative to capture the impact of the Brexit vote on research, innovation and further/higher education. They have just issued a call for case studies (with some initial focus on Scotland, but happy to receive from further afield). They are keen to collect evidence in order to inform policy makers, as negotiations progress. They would also like to publicly report a number of (anonymised) case studies in their website in order to raise awareness of such impact. You can find more information here:

EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF): Calls for sessions and initiatives for ESOF 2018

Calls for projects for ESOF 2018 are running!

The call for “Scientific Sessions” is prolonged until 23 June 2017. Make one or more proposals and take the opportunity to present your ideas, projects and expertise. ESOF 2018 will be a unique place for “sharing science” with international public across all scientific domains!

We are pleased to announce that the call for Initiatives for the Science in the City Festival has been launched! This Festival, dedicated to the general public, will be held from 7 until 15 July 2018. This open call invites all the related actors (associations, museums, researchers, artits, …) to propose their events about science or innovation and take part of the Festival programme. The deadline for submission for this call for initiatives is 30 September 2016.

“Careers” and “Science to Business” sessions calls will be open from end of June until October

Sense about Science EU: 21st June 2017

Do you care about evidence? Do you want EU politicians to use evidence when they make decisions?

Next month we are going to the European parliament to tell its members and European commissioners that evidence matters to the public, and that we expect them to listen to evidence and discuss it openly.

Please join us on 21st June at 7pm in the European parliament for this event. We want to make sure citizens’ voices are heard in the European parliament — and that its elected members know that the public care about evidence.

Our message is simple:
· We expect the commission to use evidence when making policy.
· We expect commissioners to explain their reasoning.
· We expect parliament to seek and to scrutinise reasoning behind policies.

We are expecting over 100 citizens at this event. 15 citizens from across the EU will each speak for one minute about why evidence matters to them, on issues ranging from teaching to fishing and agriculture policy.

A cross-party group of MEPs will reply on behalf of parliament and First Vice President of the commission Frans Timmermans will also be there to respond to the citizens’ call. We will also announce a citizen-led review to monitor the ‘best and worst’ of MEPs’ use of evidence over the next 12 months.

This event is hosted by Marco Affronte MEP, Julie Girling MEP, Ricardo Serrão Santos MEP and Jan Huitema MEP, a cross-party coalition who wants to give citizens a voice.

How can you help?

· Come and join us on the day and tell your MEPs why you care about evidence. Get in touch to reserve a space.
· Tell your local MEPs to attend the event and make a commitment to seek and scrutinise reasoning behind EU policies. (Find out who your MEPs are.)
· Take a few minutes to tell us why evidence matters to you and your communities. We will be sharing these stories at the event.
· Help spread the word and send this note to your networks, and promote our event on social media.

Sense about Science EU, Because evidence matters, www.senseaboutscience.eu

Have your say on EU policies and law

As part of its Better Regulation Agenda, the European Commission wants to listen more closely to the views of citizens and stakeholders while preparing policy and legal proposals.

So we have created a website where you can track and give feedback on major Commission initiatives at different stages of the legislative and policy-making process. In this space, you can share your views on:

· roadmaps and inception impact assessments, which set out ideas for new laws and policies, or for evaluations of existing ones
· legislative proposals and accompanying impact assessments, which are put forward to the European Parliament and Council once they have been agreed on by the Commission
· draft delegated and implementing acts, which either amend or supplement existing laws or set the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the EU.

Have your say – step by step

1. Register on the website using either an ’EU Login’ account or a social media account; follow the instructions on the site.
2. Once logged in, you can select an initiative from the list and give your feedback.
3. You can subscribe to receive notifications when new initiatives are added; set your subscription preferences by clicking on ’Manage subscriptions’.
At any time, you can also share your views on how to simplify EU laws and reduce regulatory burden. Your ideas may be submitted to the REFIT platform which makes recommendations to the Commission for follow up actions.
Your registration with the Transparency Register notification system is not affected.
More useful links:
· Better regulation: why and how
· Law-making process
· REFIT platform
ERC Scientific Council Statement on FP9

We would like to update you and let you know that the ERC Scientific Council published its statement on the next R&I Framework Programme (FP9) this Monday.

You may access the document via this link: https://erc.europa.eu/news/erc-scientific-council-statement-next-ri-framework-programme-fp9

EC Roadmaps

The Commission has just published a roadmap concerning one of the policy areas you selected when registering your organisation in the Transparency Register.

The roadmaps concern the following policy areas:

· Education
· Culture
· Sport
· Youth
· Agriculture and Rural Development

· Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
· Enterprise
· Internal Market
· Regional Policy
· Home Affairs
· Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

To consult all the existing roadmaps please refer to the following website:

For further information please consult the following link:
Evaluation of the 2017 European Capitals of Culture (Aarhus and Pafos)
Ongoing and recent YAE activities

AE Board Meeting

Two representatives of the YAE, Marcel Swart and Mangala Srinivas, attended the AE board meeting and HERCULES meeting on interdisciplinary education at the Wenner-Glen Foundation in Stockholm. The AE members made it clear that they fully support the YAE and would like to see our members participate more actively in the various events, particularly the upcoming joint meeting in Budapest.