Weekly update (June)

Dear YAE Members and Alumni,
Budapest meeting

Our YAE-AGM will take place from Sep. 3-4, and the Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting from Sep. 4-6 (with an interesting excursion on Sep. 7).

Separate registrations are needed for both events:
– YAE-AGM (Sep. 3-4), http://yae-agm2017.eventzilla.net
– Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA (Sep. 4-7), http://ae-allea-yae-conference2017.org/registration-fees/

We are looking for speakers at the YAE-AGM, please send your abstract ASAP to Mangala Srinivas, Mangala.Srinivas@radboudumc.nl

Note that during the YAE-AGM (Sep. 3-4) there will be elections for the Board, the formal approval of the Bylaws, and the Launch Party for YAE as a Charity!
During the Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting, the YAE will be represented by invited speakers at all Plenary Sessions, and we will award the First Annual YAE Prize.

So, save the dates and become part of history!!

Call for video interview project

A year ago the YAE completed a successful project where we filmed video interviews with prominent researchers, to discuss their thoughts on research and advice for new researchers.
There is now a new grant possibility to continue this work. Are you interested in being part of this initiative?
Your participation would need you to help or organise the grant application, and then select people to interview, before actually carrying out the interviews. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your “idols” in an informal setting.

If you are interested please reply to this email. We will collect responses from all those interested to put together a project team.
Gender-balance information

See below for a number of relevant news items and statements about gender balance, and bias evaluations:

• Speak up about subtle sexism in science : Nature News & Comment
• Implicit bias project (Harvard)
• Managing bias (Facebook)
COST Association Statement on FP9

Please find attached for your information the link to the COST FP9 Position Paper approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO); it highlights the importance of transdisciplinary bottom-up networks as impactful tools to bridge the innovation divide in Europe and to provide opportunities for younger generations (see also our news release).

Notification of roadmaps published by the European Commission
• Reducing barriers to cross-border distribution of investment funds
– Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
• Development of secondary markets for non-performing loans
– Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
• Summary of the ex-post evaluations of 2007-2013 rural development programmes
– Agriculture and Rural Development
• Communication on latest developments in relation to the euro coins
– Economic and Financial Affairs
• Environmental impact of enterprise servers and data storage products
– Enterprise – Internal Market
• Review of the Construction Products Regulation
– Enterprise – Internal Market
• Interim evaluation of the open methods of coordination for the sustainable development of EU Aquaculture
– Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Revision of the Shipping MRV Regulation
– Climate Action
• Evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement with São Tomé and Príncipe
– Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement and protocol with São Tomé and Príncipe
– Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Road infrastructure and tunnel safety
– Trans-European Networks – Transport