Weekly update (July)

Dear YAE Fellows,

Apart from the usual feedback on activities (see below), we want to share you with some sad news about the passing away of Anne Buttimer. Apart from Vice-President of the AE and other positions, her connection to the YAE was probably the closest through the International Dialogue Project.
This Dialogue project was started by Anne Buttimer and Torsten Hagerstrand during the 1970s, and consisted of a large number of video interviews with eminent scientists in Geography and
other fields of science, which provide fascinating insights into the academic world of these different fields.
Young researchers can benefit tremendously from lectures by leading senior colleagues, when they outline not just their scientific achievements, but also discuss the personal
and professional choices that led them to where they are.
However, such lectures are rare and reach very limited audiences – thus a lot of accumulated wisdom could be lost. To remedy that, members of the YAE obtained funding from the Academia Europaea’s New Initiatives (Hubert Curien) Fund in 2015 to perform video interviews with a series of outstanding academics (the majority of
whom are also members of the Academia Europaea).
The motivation of this project was that as successful senior colleagues, the selected academics have a wealth of experience to share with the broader scientific community, and it is important to make their voices heard. With support from the Barcelona Hub, and help from Anne Buttimer and Maria Dolors Garcia Ramon for the construction and execution of the interviews, six eminent scholars were interviewed. All interviews are available on the YAE channel on YouTube:
The last one in that series was done by Alex Fidora who interviewed Anne herself:
This is the last interview she gave, and it is only fitting that it was done within the framework of her beloved International Dialogue series. She will be missed.

Currently, there are plans to continue the video initiative, including a proposal to obtain funding. This would honour Anne’s wonderful work, and as always we are looking for additional YAE volunteers to participate in this project.

Obituary at Anne at Academia Europaea web:
and from the Geographical Society of Ireland

Anne Buttimer (right) sitting in on the interview of Lynn Kamerlin with Lourdes Beneria (Oct. 2015)


New Board Members needed
At the Budapest AGM, there will be several Board members that need to step down after having served several years very productively on the Board; therefore we need new Board members for either the Selection Committee, Communications, and Membership Chairs/Vice-Chairs. Please nominate yourself or a colleague FYAE for the Board!
And prepare a one-page presentation of yourself, who you are, what you do, and what you are anxious about to achieve through networking. See the template:


Budapest meetings (Sep. 3-6)
Our YAE-AGM will take place from Sep. 3-4, and the Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting from Sep. 4-6 (with an interesting excursion on Sep. 7).
Separate registrations are needed for both events:
• YAE-AGM (Sep. 3-4), http://yae-agm2017.eventzilla.net
We are looking for speakers at the YAE-AGM, please send your abstract ASAP to Mangala Srinivas, Mangala.Srinivas@radboudumc.nl
Note that during the YAE-AGM (Sep. 3-4) there will be elections for the Board, the formal approval of the Bylaws, and the Launch Party for YAE as a Charity!
• Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA (Sep. 4-7), http://ae-allea-yae-conference2017.org/registration-fees/
During the Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting, the YAE will be represented by invited speakers at all Plenary Sessions, and we will award the First Annual YAE Prize.
So, save the dates and become part of history!!


ERC cuts budget for individual grants in favor of Synergy grants
In the draft 2018 Work Programme for ERC grants, the European Research Council is planning to reduce the budgets for its single-investigator grants in 2018, to fund the return of the multi-investigator Synergy Grants.

Exemplary Panel Initiative
Following up on the “Congrats, you have an all male panel!” (name and shame):
the YAE has started a positive feedback alternative, Exemplary Panels:
Let’s celebrate those who have achieved a gender balanced panel, conference, committee, etc.
In 2017, it is time for it to become the norm.
Related to this, an article by The Economist’s 1843 magazine (“The man trap”):


Notification of roadmaps by the EC
• Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on EU seed equivalence for Brazil and Moldova
– Food Safety
– Public Health

• Prevention and amicable resolution of investment disputes within the single market
– Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

• Interpretative Communication on intra-EU investments
– Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

• Initiative to improve the Food Supply Chain
– Agriculture and Rural Development

• REFIT review of the Motor Insurance Directive
– Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

• Communication on Digital transformation of health and care in the context of the DSM
– Audiovisual and Media
– Information Society

• Cross-border e-Justice in Europe (e-CODEX)
– Consumer Affairs
– Justice and Fundamental Rights

Finally, the EC has created a website where you can track and give feedback on major Commission initiatives at different stages of the legislative and policy-making process. In this space, you can share your views on:
• roadmaps and inception impact assessments, which set out ideas for new laws and policies, or for evaluations of existing ones
• legislative proposals and accompanying impact assessments, which are put forward to the European Parliament and Council once they have been agreed on by the Commission
• draft delegated and implementing acts, which either amend or supplement existing laws or set the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the EU.
Have your say – step by step
1. Register on the website using either an ’EU Login’ account or a social media account; follow the instructions on the site.
2. Once logged in, you can select an initiative from the list and give your feedback.
3. You can subscribe to receive notifications when new initiatives are added; set your subscription preferences by clicking on ’Manage subscriptions’.
At any time, you can also share your views on how to simplify EU laws and reduce regulatory burden. Your ideas may be submitted to the REFIT platform which makes recommendations to the Commission for follow up actions.