We collaborate with many Young Academies including:

Albanian Young Academy
Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Die Junge Akademie

De Jonge Akademie
Estonian Young Academy of Sciences
European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees
Finland Young Academy
Global Young Academy
Hungarian Young Academy
Israel Young Academy
Jonge Academie
Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
National Academy of the Sciences of Belarus
Polish Young Academy
Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Young Academy of Denmark
Young Academy of Norway
Young Academy of Scotland
Young Academy of Sweden

We are in contact with organisations including:

EuroDoc (European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers)
Marie Curie Alumni Association
SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies)

The YAE is formally affiliated with the Academia Europaea, with YAE representations at AE Board meetings.

A history of the Academia Europaea

A history of the Academia Europaea