Soren Frank

Affiliation: University of Southern Denmark, DK   Keywords:   Webpage     Full profile: I write and teach in the [...]

Helene Frowe

Affiliation: Stockholm University, SE   Keywords:   Webpage   Full profile: I'm Wallenberg Academy Research Fellow in [...]

Joseph Galea

Affiliation: School of Psychology, University of Birmingham   Keywords: Psychology   Webpage   Full profile: Dr Galea is [...]

Robert Gerwarth

Affiliation: University College Dublin, IE   Keywords:   Webpage   Full profile: Robert Gerwarth is Professor of Modern [...]

Ian Gregory

Affiliation: Lancaster University, UK   Keywords:   Webpage   Full profile: I am a geographer by training who, after doing an MSc in [...]

Christian Keysers

Affiliation: Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam, NL   Keywords:   Webpage   Full [...]

Ariel Knafo

Affiliation: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL   Keywords: Social Psychology; Personality: Development, change, nature & nurture; Values in [...]

Benjamin Kohlmann

Affiliation: University of Freiburg, SH   Keywords:   Webpage   Full [...]

Jakob Ladegaard

Affiliation: Aarhus University, Denmark, DK   Keywords: Theories of democracy, Literary epochs Romanticism, Modern aesthetics (starting with [...]

Christian Lange

Affiliation: University of Utrecht, NL   Keywords: Islam en Arabisch, Religious Studies, Religie en samenleving   [...]