Gergely Röst

Affiliation: University of Szeged, HU   Keywords: mathematical biology, delay differential equations, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory, disease [...]

Linn Leppert

Affiliation: University of Bayreuth, DE   Keywords: Electronic structure theory, Green’s function-based many-body perturbation theory, density [...]

Shahzada Ahmad

Affiliation: BC Materials, ES   Keywords: Sustainable Energy, Photovoltaics, Molecular solar cells, Energy Storage, Electrochemistry, Physical [...]

Anna Marmodoro

Affiliation: Durham University, UK   Keywords: History of philosophy: from the early Greek Philosophers to Aquinas Metaphysics: fundamentality; [...]

Jorunn Bos

Affiliation: James Hutton Institute, UK   Keywords:   Webpage   Full [...]

José Andrés Alonso de la Fuente

Affiliation: Jagiellonian University Library, PL   Keywords: Philology, historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, typology, syntax, language [...]

Liav Orgad

Affiliation: IDC Herzliya, IL   Keywords: constitutional identity, global migration, citizenship theory, international law, global governance, law and [...]

Máté Csanád

Affiliation: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, HU   Keywords: high energy physics, heavy ion physics, femtoscopy, hydrodynamics, quark gluon [...]

Mirko Canevaro

Affiliation: The University of Edinburgh, UK   Keywords: Greek history, Athenian democracy, Greek law, political institutions, political [...]

Julio Lloret-Fillol

Affiliation: Institut Català d'Investigació Química, ES   Keywords: Catalysis, Inorganic chemistry, reaction mechanism, Artificial photosynthesis, [...]