Artur Bednarkiewicz

Artur Bednarkiewicz
Affiliation: Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Wroclaw, PL Keywords: Webpage Full profile: Present research [...]

Massimiliano Berti

massimiliano berti
Affiliation: University Federico II, Napoli, IT Keywords: Webpage Full profile: Main Reaserch Interests Variational and Topological Methods [...]

Gianfranco Bertone

Gianfranco Bertone
Affiliation: University of Amsterdam, NL Keywords: Dark Matter, Cosmic Rays, Extra Dimensions Webpage Full profile: I am an Associate Professor at [...]

Sylvestre Bonnet

Sylvestre Bonnet
Affiliation: Leiden Institute of Chemistry, NL Keywords: Molecular sensors, Biomimetics, Inorganic Materials, Light-activatable anti-tumor drugs [...]

Stéphane Bordas

Stephane Bordas
Affiliation: Cardiff University, UK Keywords: High Performance Computing, Surgical Simulation, Biomechanics, Microstructurally-faithful material [...]

Michael Bronstein

Michael Bronstein
Affiliation: University of Lugano, CH Keywords: theoretical and computational methods, computer vision, pattern recognition, shape analysis, computer [...]

Sofía Calero

Calero Sofía
Affiliation: University Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, ES Keywords: Webpage Full profile: Research interests focus on the study and the design of [...]

Daniel Comparat

daniel comparat
Affiliation: Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, Orsay, FR Keywords:   Webpage   Full [...]

Clémence Corminboeuf

Corminboeuf Clémence
Affiliation: EPFL Lausanne, CH   Keywords: Kohn-Sham density functional theory, Non-Covalent Interactions, Electronic structure tools and [...]

Markus Cristinziani

markus cristinziani
Affiliation: University of Bonn, DE   Keywords:   Webpage   Full [...]