Symposium “Tracking Life”

Interdisciplinary meeting bringing together experts from imaging single molecules to whole organisms. Monday | 8th October 2018 | 9.00 am | Generali-Saal | RWTH Aachen University Abstract submission deadline: 31.08.2018 Please register: Contact: Free of charge! Keynote [...]

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The Future of UK Research and Scholarship [Updated]

Report on the event: The future of U.K. research and scholarship, at the Academia Europea Cardiff Hub - 11 Nov 2016 Date: 11 November 2016 Time 11:45-13:30 Venue: [...]

YAE Annual General Meeting in Oxford and election outcome

Dear members of the Young Academy of Europe, dear partners, Some of us are just back from the Annual General Meeting which took place at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Those [...]

President of the Management Board of The EIT Wrocław Research Centre

Municipality of Wrocław is looking for President of Management Board of the EIT+ Wrocław Research Center. Full information is available here: The Mayor of Wrocław – [...]

Position of Young Academies on Open Access and Open Data

In preparation for the upcoming Open Science conference in Amsterdam, the YAE has joined forces with other Young Academies in Europe as well as the Global Young Academy, to [...]

Spreading Excellence in Europe workshop

As part of the initiative "Spreading Excellence in Europe", the YAE, in collaboration with the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wroclaw, the Academy of Young Scholars and [...]

YAE Newsletter October 2015

For a brief summary of our recent activities, please see our Newsletter for October [...]

Video recordings of Women in Science workshop available

On 2015-05-22, the Young Academy of Europe and SciLifeLab coorganized a one-day symposium "Pathways to Excellence: Experiences of Illuminating Science", in order to honor the [...]

Excellent Science Days co-organized by YAE

The Young Academy of Europe, the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists and the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wroclaw invite scholars (PhD and postdocs) from Central and [...]

YAE Newsletter June 2015

For a brief summary of our recent activities, please see our Newsletter for June [...]

YAE Interviews members of Academia Europaea

The YAE has been awarded a grant from the Hubert Curien Foundation to produce a series of video interviews with outstanding academics, the majority of whom are members of the [...]