The Joint YAE/AE/ALLEA Meeting

At the joint YAE/AE/ALLEA meeting in Budapest, it was great to see such a large input from many of our YAE fellows. One of the main contributions was from our Chair Marcel Swart, who was involved in a round-table session on SAPEA and joined by academies from the UK, Germany, Hungary, EURO-CASE, the Director-General Research and Innovation EU and the [...]

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Excellent Science Days co-organized by YAE

The Young Academy of Europe, the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists and the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wroclaw invite scholars (PhD and postdocs) from Central and [...]

YAE Newsletter June 2015

For a brief summary of our recent activities, please see our Newsletter for June [...]

YAE Interviews members of Academia Europaea

The YAE has been awarded a grant from the Hubert Curien Foundation to produce a series of video interviews with outstanding academics, the majority of whom are members of the [...]

Press release on Women in Science symposium

In celebration of the Year of Light, on 2015-05-22, the Young Academy of Europe and SciLifeLab coorganized a one-day symposium "Pathways to Excellence: Experiences of [...]

Joint YAE/AE symposium on clean energy and climate modeling

The Young Academy of Europe and Academia Europaea will hold a joint symposium on "Clean energy and climate modeling" in Bergen, Norway. The symposium will take place on 15 and [...]

YAE Annual Meeting 2015

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Young Academy of Europe will be held in Darmstadt on 7 September 2015. Please see the meeting page for details on the program and [...]

Open letter to European Parliament opposing budget cuts to frontier science

The Young Academy of Europe reaches out to the European Parliament in an open letter to express its extreme concern about plans to cut the ERC budget by 221 M€. While the [...]

Women in Science Symposium organized by YAE

To celebrate the International Year of Light, the Young Academy of Europe, together with the Academia Europaea, SciLifeLab and Uppsala University presents a conference [...]

Young Academies criticize disbanding of EU Chief Scientific Adviser post

The Young Academy of Europe joins several national young academies in an open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. The letter criticizes the [...]

YAE statement on Open Science

Science is currently in transition with changing models of authorship and publication. While overall a positive trend, how these changes are implemented can have a massive [...]