Pathways to Excellence:
Experiences of Illuminating Women in Science

Video 1: Dare to break new ground
(Eva Åkesson)


Video 2: Experiences as a female professor in Sweden
(Siv Andersson)


Video 3: From Soviet student to US professor
(Anna Krylov)


Video 4: Why so few female physicists?
(Ágnes Mócsy)


Video 5: To be an example and a role model
(Panel discussion)


Video 6: A lot sits in the walls
(Terri Kim)


Video 7: The importance of historical role models
(Marja Makarow)


Video 8: An equality plan for scholarships and grants
(Jean-Pierre Bourguignon)


Video 9: Are women worse at applying for scholarships?
(Panel discussion)


Video 10: A successful path to frontier research
(Ulrike Tillmann)


Video 11: A woman in a male research world
(Kristín Vala Rágnarsdottir)


Video 12: Combining leadership with family life
(Margaret Buckingham)


Video 13: How to build a successful research career?
(Panel discussion)


Video 14: Surviving in a male research world
(Marie Farge)


Video 15: Woman scientist or scientist woman
(Annalisa Pastore)


Video 16: Good advice on the way
(Panel discussion)


Video 17: Bluestockings and red stockings
(Christina Florin)


Video 18: Two young researchers’ experiences
(Gentiana Wenzel and Lynn Kamerlin)