The Young Academy of Europe (YAE) is a pan-European initiative of outstanding young scientists for networking, advocacy, scientific exchange, and science policy.

The YAE is organised as a bottom-up initiative of a dynamic and innovative group of recognised European young scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science and science policy. Since 2019, we are a registered charity organization.

We provide input and advice from a younger generation’s perspective – a vital input to shape EU-wide policy for the benefit of future European scholars and scientists.


YAE activities in 2020

Check the YAE 2020 summary and read about our recent activities, events and latest developments in the December 2020 Newsletter.

Press release: Fourteen Young Academies in Europe prepare to deliver science advice

Please check the official press release of the newly established Young Academies Science Advice Structure (YASAS).

Read about our activities in the November 2020 Newsletter

Read about our recent activities, events and latest developments in the November 2020 Newsletter.

André Mischke YAE Prize for Science and Policy 2020 – Online

This year’s André Mischke YAE Prize for Science and Policy 2020 was awarded to Dr. Grant Hill-Cawthorne. Dr. Grant Hill-Cawthorne was present at our online AGM 2020 to give his Prize-lecture.

Press conference in support of young researchers

On Monday 28th of September, the Young Academy of Europe together with Eurodoc and Marie Curie Alumni Association, supported by Initiative for Science in Europe, held a press conference in support of young researchers.

YAE opposes cuts to the Research and Innovation programs of the proposed EU budget 2021-2027

The YAE, European and associated National Young Academies, and the Global Young Academy urge Members of the European Parliament and national governments to act against the proposed cuts in the budget of Horizon Europe in 2021-2027.

YAE signs a statement calling on national governments in Europe to protect EU investments in education, research and innovation

Eurodoc, the MCAA and YAE call on governments, institutions and leaders across Europe to strengthen the investment at European level and urge them to raise the budget of the next EU Programme for R&I (2021-2027).



YAE’s role in YASAS

Find out about our involvement with YASAS (Young Academies Science Advice Structure).

YAE’s role in SAPEA

Find out about our work with SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies).

Horizon 2020 project CALIPER

Read more about our involvement in the CALIPER project and visit the project’s website.

Science communication COST action

We contribute to a COST Cross-Cutting Activity on science communication.


Working with other Young Academies

We collaborate with various organisations.

Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) 

Formalizing our earlier links, we are a member of ISE since early 2020.

Help us grow!

You’re invited to help nominate promising young scholars to join the YAE.