Affiliation: University of Gothenburg, SE

Keywords: Biogeography, Biodiversity, Evolution, Systematics, Neotropics


ID_symbol_B-W_128x128 0000-0003-1842-9297

Full profile:

Alexandre Antonelli is a Full Professor in Systematics and Biodiversity at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg. He is also Scientific curator at Gothenburg botanical garden. He is an evolutionary biologist with practical and theoretical experience ranging from fieldwork in the tropics to molecular-based laboratory and analytical techniques. He is interested in combining data and techniques from phylogenetics, palaeontology, ecology, systematics, and geology for addressing empirical biological questions. His research has focused on the origins and evolution of tropical America’s outstanding biodiversity. He is more interested in compelling research questions than particular organism groups – animals, plants or fungi.