Artur Bednarkiewicz
Affiliation: Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Wroclaw, PL

Keywords: luminescent nanoparticles, lanthanides, biospectroscopy, bioimaging, remote nanothermometry


ID_symbol_B-W_128x128 0000-0003-4113-0365

Full profile:
Present research activity

  • Lanthanide doped nano-colloidal solutions: optical properties and application in bioscience (biolabels, biomarkers)
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Hyper Spectral Imaging, Molecular Imaging
  • Non-invasive monitoring of living cell functions
  • Applications of spatial light modulators in digital photolithography, neurotoxicity, photodynamic cell colony enrichment, high-content imaging
  • Diode Pumped Solid State lasers – ytterbium doped double tungstates (KYW, KGdW) and YAG laser crystals were investigated i CW and Q-switch mode in the end-pump configuration.
  • Spectroscopy of rare earths – especially energy transfer between Eu-Yb, Tb-Yb and Nd-Yb
  • Application of physics and lasers in medicine – photodynamic therapy and diagnosis of cancer, atherosclerosis, spectroscopy of photosensitizers, application of lasers in medicine