Author: Edyta Cios


Affiliation: University College London, UK Keywords: Fatigue, Brain stimulation, Motor neurophysiology, Brain imaging Webpage 0000-0002-4288-0814 Full [...]

Summary of the cOAlition S webinar: The Rights Retention Strategy and what it means for EU13 & Associated Countries

At the beginning of 2021, cOAlition S started implementing its Rights Retention Strategy (RRS). This strategy is to give researchers supported by a cOAlition S [...]

Insight Out rescheduled! Insight Out event for women in exact, technical and natural sciences.

Save the date for the Insight Out event! The third edition of the event themed ‘Learning from and inspiring each other’ will take place on the 7, 14, 21 [...]


Affiliation: UCL Institute for Global Health, UK Keywords: Community, Health Psychology, Participation and engagement, Power, Mental health, [...]

Webinar on research integrity: supporting early-career researchers in cases of alleged scientific misconduct

On 22 March, the Young Academy of Europe, SAPEA, the European Group on Ethics (EGE) and the AE Cardiff Hub organized an international webinar on the issue of [...]

Workshop: The impact of the pandemic on young scientists

The COVID-19 pandemic has been highly disruptive to scientific research, with a range of impacts on early career researchers and their career prospects. [...]

Nature Career Feature ‘Pandemic burnout is rampant in academia’

'The pandemic has exacerbated the existing inequalities in academia' says YAE's Outgoing Chair Dr. Mangala Srinivas in a recent Nature Career piece on pandemic [...]

Dr. David Fernandez Rivas a Dutch Engineer of 2021

Twente associate professor David Fernandez Rivas has been unanimously elected Dutch Engineer of the year 2021 by the professional jury. The announcement by [...]

FYAE Dr. Patrick Roberts receives prestigious Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize

Dr. Patrick Roberts of the Department of Archaeology, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, and a member of the YAE, received this year's [...]

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