The Young Academy of Europe participates in the Horizon 2020 project CALIPER. The goal of this project is to support 7 Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and 2 Research Funding Organisations (RFOs) across Europe to design, implement, evaluate and expand Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). CALIPER will stimulate the dialogue and collaboration between academia, public authorities, professionals, and industry players in order to tackle gender inequalities across the research- transfer-to-market pipeline.

Being a Member of CALIPER Consortium, YAE seeks to foster internal procedures that are going to result to tailored gender equality policies and sustainable structural changes in favor of a gender balanced and competent environment. The Organization is projected to assess the current conditions regarding gender issues and work on creating a GEP to introduce specific steps towards enhancing female researchers’ role. YAE is the member of CALIPER who leads the communication with the academic network across Europe to spread information about the project accomplishments and to facilitate the engagement of those interested with the project activities.

Project’s website:

Survey: Linking STEM research & innovation with a gender perspective 

The present survey is aimed at exploring if and how gender is taken into consideration as a dimension in a scientific research, and if and how different stakeholders are involved. Finally, it aims at investigating the innovation potential of your scientific discoveries and their transfer to market. 

The survey is completely anonymous, however in case we find some interesting profiles or projects which are in line with CALIPER’s mission, we would like to select a few respondents for further interviewing. If interested, you will have a chance to provide your email address. We may include some of the stories in the CALIPER newsletter, thus also publicize your work. Publication through the CALIPER Newsletter and Social Media reaches more than 700 stakeholders in academia and universities, industry and business, government & public sector, and civil society.

We are kindly inviting you to participate in the survey, which should take no longer than 15 minutes to finish. You can find a link to the survey here.

CALIPER newsletter

The 1st issue of CALIPER Newsletter is about to be published! This issue and the next to come are designed to keep you updated about CALIPER’s important newsresults and further steps every six months. You can subscribe for the newsletter here.

Online course: Gender Equality in research and innovation: the journey toward Institutional Change

Free, online and self-paced course on institutional change for gender equality in research organizations and universities. Target beneficiaries of the course are both researchers and academics from different disciplines and interested to integrate a gender dimension in their research projects or to contribute to institutional change at their own university and staff members from EU universities, both HR/Administrative staff or members of Equality Bodies. The enrollment and attendance are possible until the end of July. Find out more on the course website.

Download leaflet promoting the CALIPER project here.