Next year, the German young academy, Die Junge Akademie, will be 20 years old. As it was the first young academy to be established (in 2000), there will be a celebration to mark the 20th Anniversary of the idea of young academies. This is a great opportunity to talk about research and the potential of young academies.

Members of the Young Academy of Europe are therefore invited to join a global initiative to further the dialogue between researchers and other members of the community. The initiative is called YoungAcademies@, indicating that members of young academies will speak at different places than the ones typical for academia. The aim is also to reach people that are not directly in touch with research, which may be more important than ever in a time of growing skepticism and “alternative facts”.

YoungAcademies@ can take many forms, from a talk at your favourite museum to a scientific consulting booth at your local market or a 5-minute elevator/train/ferry pitch on what your work looks like. The German Young Academy will offer an online platform where all individual events can be listed and documented. The organisation of the event will be done locally by you.

If you want to participate or have questions, please get in touch with Oliver Rymek at the office of the German Young Academy (

31st July 2019. For further information please contact