Christian Lange
Affiliation: University of Utrecht, NL


Keywords: Islam en Arabisch, Religious Studies, Religie en samenleving




Full profile:
Christian Lange (PhD Harvard, 2006) holds the Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Utrecht. In his research, he seeks to inject the study of Islamic sources in Arabic and Persian with the analytical categories and approaches developed in the Study of Religion and cognate disciplines in the Humanities. He’s primarily interested in the areas of Islamic theology (eschatology in particular), Islamic law and legal theory, and Islamic mysticism.

His first book, Justice, Punishment and the Medieval Muslim Imagination (CUP, 2008), is a study of state violence under the Seljuq dynasty (11th-13th c.) in political, eschatological, and legal terms. In pursuance of related lines of inquiry, he has co-edited a collection of essays on the topic of public violence in Islamic societies (EUP, 2009), as well as a multi-author volume on the Seljuq dynasty (EUP, 2011). His research focus of the last couple of years has been Islamic eschatology. He is the author of Paradise and hell in Islamic traditions (CUP, 2016) and the editor of a volume on hell in Islamic traditions, Locating hell in Islamic traditions (Brill, 2015 [Open Access]).

He welcomes inquiries about PhD supervision, particularly in regard to projects straddling Islamic Studies and the Study of Religion, and in Islamic eschatology.