Christof SparrAffiliation: University of Basel, CH

Keywords: Organic Chemistry, Synthesis, Catalysis, Chirality



Full profile:

Christof Sparr was born and raised in Appenzell (Switzerland). After working at F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Basel), he studied at the Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur and subsequently the ETH Zürich, where he earned a Masters degree in 2008. He then joined the group of Prof. Ryan Gilmour to work on fluorine conformational effects and was awarded his PhD in 2011. After postdoctoral work in the groups of Prof. Dieter Seebach (ETH Zürich) and subsequently Prof. Steven V. Ley in Cambridge, UK, he became a habilitand mentored by Prof. Karl Gademann and was given the opportunity to start his independent research. Since 2016, he works as Assistant Professor at the University of Basel. He is recipient of the ETH silver medal, an SNSF starting grant and the Werner Prize 2017.

Research in the Sparr group centers on the design of conceptually new synthetic methods and the creation unique molecular structure. Inspired by different aspects of selectivity, reaction regulation and valorization of abundant resources, streamlined procedures applicable in both, discovery chemistry and process development are developed. The Sparr group is actively engaged in investigating novel approaches for catalyst-stereocontrolled transformations and the preparation and utilization of bifunctional organomagnesium reagents with a focus on arene-formation and the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.