Daniela SchmidtAffiliation: University of Bristol, UK

Keywords: Ocean acidification, Climate change, Calcification



Full profile:
My research focuses on understanding the causes and effects of global warming and ocean acidification, both in the modern era and in geological time. I am recognized as an expert in the biotic reactions of marine calcifiers to climate change. Our assessment of historical and geological records of ocean acidification covers a range of organisms from bryozoans, bivalves and corraline algae to marine plankton. My group and I are using tools from a wide range of fields including isotope geochemistry, material testing, tomography to fluid dynamics. We have applied a wide range of in-situ analytical methods such as the ion probe and electron probe, Electron backscatter diffraction and Atomic force microscopy to assess crystal growth, Synchrotron tomography, and Nano indentation for material properties to a wide range of organism potentially threatened by ocean acidification. I have recently contributed as a lead author of the 2014 IPCC report WGII.