Affiliation: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ES

Keywords: Gender, Early modern period, Women’s writing, Global intellectual history, Textual misogyny, Cultural heritage, Epistemic balance



Full profile:

Carme Font Paz is Research Professor of English literature in the English Department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is also Research Associate at the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS). She completed her postdoctoral stage with research grants both at UCLA and Harvard University.

In 2018 Dr. Font was awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for her project WINK, “Women’s Invisible Ink: Trans-Genre Writing and the Gendering of Intellectual Value in Early Modernity”.

Font’s research studies the marginalization and recovery of women’s thought in the early modern period. Her research group is concerned with both local and comparatist approaches, as well as theoretical aspects of early modern women’s intellectual history and socio-economic considerations to early modern textual production, from manuscript poetry to political prose, letters, spiritual writing, miscellanies and novels. Her research integrates social history, historiography (debates on the canon), history of ideas (the need to trace a genealogy of women’s contributions to global thought), cognitive literary theory, religion and secularism in Reformed and counter-Reformation Europe, reception and textual analysis.

In addition to numerous short-term grants, publications, and participation in international research groups and networks, Font is editor of the book series Early Modern Women Writers in Europe: Texts, Debates, and Genealogies of Knowledge (Brepols) and sits in the editorial board of Prose Studies (Routledge). Her research has enjoyed wide media coverage in international outlets such as the BBC, The Guardian, or El País.

Apart from her participation in conference panels, Font is often invited to seminars and talks, such as Women of the Book in Johns Hopkins University, the Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherche sur le Monde Anglophone (Aix-Marseille Université), Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, or the New Historia Symposia at the New School, New York.

Aside from her research activity, Font also has a background in literary translation, reading for international literary awards and creative writing.

Research interests: early modern women’s writing, Renaissance, global intellectual history, gender, feminism, textual misogyny, book history, cognitive literary theory, cultural heritage, epistemic balance.