Frederick Verbruggen

Frederick Verbruggen
Affiliation: Ghent University, BE

Keywords: cognitive psychology and neuroscience, impulse control, gambling, brain stimulation



Full profile:

I received my Ph.D. from Ghent University in 2005. I was a visiting fellow at Vanderbilt University and Cardiff University before I became a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter. In 2012, I was appointed to a Chair in Cognitive Psychology at Exeter. In 2017, I moved back to Ghent University to take up Research Professorship.

My contributions to psychology are in the study of ʻexecutive controlʼ mechanisms. I examine how people withhold or suppress inappropriate or risky actions, switch between tasks and response strategies, and adjust behaviour after bad outcomes. I also study how executive control and learning interact, and how action control, decision-making, and motivation are related. As well as my theoretical and methodological contributions to the field, my work has opened up promising new avenues for treating impulsive disorders.