Gergely Maróti

Gergely MarotiAffiliation: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HU

Keywords: symbiosis, microbial communities, symbiont ecology, molecular interactions, photosynthetic microbes



Full profile:

Gergely Maróti obtained his PhD in Szeged (HU) with a study on prokaryotic hydrogenase enzymes and biohydrogen evolution (2005). He started working with microbial communities and gained specific knowledge on microbial genomics at the J Craig Venter Institute in the US. Gergely returned to Hungary in 2008 and started working with Éva Kondorosi on symbiotic plant-bacterial systems with a special emphasis on symbiosis specific plant peptides. He works for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Biological Research Center in Szeged, has published over 70 papers (cited >1500 times, H-index 20). He actively participates in various H2020 evaluations, he is reviewer for >10 peer-reviewed scientific journals. He received funding from domestic and international organizations. He is an Editor for Frontiers in Microbiology. He supervised four PhD theses, was awarded the Young Biotechnologist Prize in Hungary (2004), was selected for the Young Academy of Europe (2017).

Research Interests:

He works in the field of microbial genomics, focusing on microbial communities and symbiotic interactions. His research group investigates the potential of selected living interactions as specific sources of useful biomolecules and metabolites (e.g. antimicrobial peptides -AMPs-, biofuels, biomaterials, etc.). Microbial associations of various levels are analyzed in details and interrogated for the presence of such products.