Affiliation: University of Warsaw

Keywords: Biochemistry, Protein, Structural Biology, Molecular Biology, Innate Immunity, Infectious Disease, RNA metabolism, Drug discovery, Biotechnology, infection diagnostics


Full profile:

Maria runs the Structural Biology Group (Go!RNA lab) at the University of Warsaw. Maria is an expert protein biochemist and a structural and molecular biologist with a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge and postdoctoral training at CeMM in Vienna. She specializes in structure-function studies of proteins and their complexes with ligands. Her broad interest is in using three-dimensional models of proteins to explain or design protein function, with implications for drug discovery and health diagnostics. Through her findings and inventions, Maria would like to help combat viral and bacterial infections or treat human inflammatory disorders. To this end, she leads both basic and applied research projects in this area, and her commitment was recognized in Poland by inclusion on the Forbes Women 2021 list. Maria is a laureate of MSCA, EMBO, Fulbright, L’Oreal UNESCO and national fellowships and grants. In 2018-2020 she served on the Board of the Marie Curie Alumni Association and engaged in collaboration with the Initiative for Science in Europe.