Affiliation: Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Montenegro

Keywords: Greek philosophy; Byzantine philosophy; patristics; aesthetics


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Portrait of Dr. Filip Ivanovic. He is wearing a suit, a green tie, and is sitting in front of a microphone.

Dr. Filip Ivanović was born in Podgorica (Montenegro) in 1986. He obtained BA and MA degrees from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bologna, and a PhD from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Trondheim. Dr. Ivanović also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomatic Practice from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

He held research and/or teaching positions at University of Donja Gorica, University of Montenegro, University of Leuven, Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem, Aarhus University and Norwegian Institute at Athens. Currently he is Assistant Research Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Montenegro.

Since March 2021 he is Visiting Professor at the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of History of Ideas (CRISI) at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. He was Visiting Professor at the University of North Bengal (India), and gave a number of invited lectures, speeches, and talks in Podgorica, Belgrade, Bratislava, Minsk, and Paris.

Dr. Ivanović is the founder and director of the Center for Hellenic Studies in Podgorica, and editor in chief of the academic journal Akropolis: Journal of Hellenic Studies, as well as member of editorial boards of Giornale critico della storia delle idee, Serbian Studies and Society & Power.

He is expert evaluator for the European Commission, member of the College of Research Associates of the European Science Foundation, expert for the accreditation of study programs at the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education of Montenegro, and member of the Committee for Philosophy and Sociology of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Dr. Ivanović participated at over 30 international conferences and symposia in UK, Italy, Russia, Israel, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, etc. He is the author of a number of monographs, articles in scholarly journals and chapters in edited volumes.

He is also member of several professional and academic organizations, including Royal Historical Society (as fellow), Center for Young Scholars and Artists of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, Société Internationale pour l’Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale, American Philosophical Association, Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, North American Patristic Society, and International Society for Neoplatonic Studies.