Jakob Ladegaard

Jakob Ladegaard
Affiliation: Aarhus University, Denmark, DK


Keywords: Theories of democracy, Literary epochs Romanticism, Modern aesthetics (starting with Baumgarten), Film history, Literary genres, Text theory and analysis




Full profile:
My research is primarily concerned with the relations between literature, cinema, aesthetic theory and politics. My PhD thesis (awarded Aarhus University Research Foundation’s PhD prize in 2011) focused on figures of democracy in the works of romantic writers such as Friedrich Hölderlin, William Wordsworth and Victor Hugo around the time of the French Revolution. The dissertation was published in 2013 as an abridged and rewritten book entitled The Book and the People – The Politics of Romantic Literature. My later postdoc project was about aesthetic and political representations of post-communist Eastern Europe in Western European and American literature and film. I currently work on a book project about literature, slavery and economy in Early Modern England.