Rojo Juan

Affiliation: VU University, NL
Keywords: High energy physics, quantum chromodynamics, machine learning, particle physics at colliders


Full profile:

Juan Rojo obtained his PhD in Barcelona (2006) with a study of the proton structure based on artificial neural networks. He has been postdoc in Paris and Milan, a Marie Curie Fellow at the Theory Division of CERN (Geneva), and between 2014 and 2016 he held a junior faculty position (STFC Rutherford Fellow) at the University of Oxford. Since 2016 he’s associate professor at the VU in Amsterdam as well as staff member at the theory group of Nikhef. He has published over 70 papers (cited 7000 times with h-index of 42). He has received funding among other bodies from the ERC (Starting Grant 2013) and from the UK STFC (Rutherford Grant 2012). Juan was selected for the Young Academy of Europe in 2017. Juan is also very active in outreach activities, and in 2016 he published a popular science book in Spanish, “The inner life of particles”.

Research interests:

Quantum Chromodynamics, Large Hadron Collider phenomenology, parton distributions functions, jet reconstruction and substructure and opportunities for Beyond the Standard Model searches from precision observables. I am one of the leading authors of the NNPDF sets of parton distribution functions, as well as author of frequency used codes for high energy physics phenomenology such as APFEL, Hoppet and the aMCfast interface to aMC@NLO.