Affiliation: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, PL

Keywords: Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting Studies, emotion, psycholinguistics


Full profile:

Paweł Korpal is an assistant professor at the Faculty of English of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2016 in the field of linguistics for the monograph “Linguistic and psychological indicators of stress in simultaneous interpreting”. He also holds a master’s degree in psychology from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. Paweł Korpal has been awarded several scholarships, e.g. the Summer School scholarship by the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) for the best Ph.D. proposal (2014), the Award of the Committee on Linguistics of the Polish Academy of Sciences for outstanding academic achievements (2017), and START – Foundation for Polish Science scholarship for outstanding young scholars (2018). In 2016-2018 Paweł Korpal was the Principal Investigator in the project “Numerical data processing in simultaneous interpreting: Eye-tracking studies” financed by the National Science Centre, Poland. He is a member of International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies, as well as European Society for Translation Studies.

Research interests:

Paweł Korpal is involved in interdisciplinary research combining Interpreting Studies and psychology. His research interests include: stress and emotions in conference and community interpreting, cognitive processing in simultaneous interpreting, the use of eye-tracking in Translation and Interpreting Studies, as well as psychophysiological measures of emotional language processing in L1 and L2. In his research, Paweł Korpal has adopted the following research methods: eye-tracking, skin conductance, and heart rate.