Linn Leppert
Affiliation: University of Twente, NL

Keywords: Electronic structure theory, Green’s function-based many-body perturbation theory, density functional theory, light-harvesting, perovskites, photovoltaics, photosynthesis



Full profile:

After completing a PhD in physics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Dr. Linn Leppert moved to the beautiful shores of Berkeley for a two-year postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the University of California, Berkeley. In 2017 she returned to her alma mater, now leading an independent junior research group in the Department of Physics. Linn has received funding from the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation, the German research foundation, and the Elite Network of Bavaria, and awards for her dissertation and postdoctoral research. Her research interests and main expertise are the development and application of accurate methods for calculating the electronic structure and dynamics of light-converting systems: from halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications to the chlorophyll molecules at the heart of charge excitation and transfer in photosynthesis.