Luca Caricchi
Affiliation: Université de Genève, CH

Keywords: Volcanology, Petrology, Physical properties of magmas, Magmatic Ore Deposits



Full profile:

Luca Caricchi completed his studies at the University of Perugia (Italy) and obtained his PhD at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in 2008. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the CNRS in Orleans (France), he moved to the University of Bristol (UK) to complete a NERC postdoctoral fellowship. In 2012 he become assistant professor of Volcanology and Petrology at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and in 2017 he was promoted to associate professor in the same department. Luca Caricchi received an ERC starting grant in 2015 and he is PI in other projects financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. He is currently associate editor of Journal of Geophysical Research and has been selected for the Young Academy of Europe in 2018.

He is a volcanologist and petrologist combining geochemistry and various statistical approaches to understand the physical processes responsible for the generation, transport and eruption of magmas on Earth.

The target of his research group is to define the main factors controlling the recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions at regional and global scale and identify the mechanisms responsible for the formation of magmatic ore deposits.