Manos Tsakiris
Affiliation: Royal Holloway, University of London, UK


Keywords: Psychology




Full profile:
A basic sense of self depends on the processing of sensory and motor signals that accompany almost every bodily activity. My research attempts to explain why and how percepts of action and bodily states are so clearly and inexorably “mine”. Sensory events related to one’s own body (e.g. touch) are said to be characterized by a sense of body-ownership, and motor events generated by one’s own body (e.g. actions) by a sense of agency.
The main focus of my research is to empirically identify the basic neurocognitive principles governing the sense of agency and body-ownership, and the interaction between them.
My research is inter-disciplinary, based on neuroscientific and psychological experimental paradigms as well as on neurophilosophical approaches to selfhood.