Martin Ferno
Affiliation: University of Bergen, NO

Keywords: flow in porous media; foam generation; CCS; CO2 enhanced oil recovery



Full profile:

Martin Fernø obtained his PhD from the University of Bergen on flow and wettability effects in fractured carbonate reservoirs (2008), and employed as associate professor at the Dept. of Physics and Technology at University of Bergen in 2012. He was promoted to full professor in 2017, and has published more than 75 full manuscript papers and numerous conference contributions. In 2010 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Energy Research Engineering, Stanford University, USA. In 2015 he was Invited Professor at University of Bordeaux., France. He is currently member of the editorial board of Petroleum Science (Springer); reviewer for >15 international journals and science organizations (ETH Zurich Research Commission; ACS Petroleum Research Fund); coordinator for the Petroleum Research School of Norway, and secretary of the NorTex Petroleum cluster; and co-organized 6 larger (more than 70 participants) conferences and symposiums. He received funding from science organizations and companies, and has a wide international research collaboration. Fernø has graduated four PhD students and more than 40 master students, and is currently (2017) supervisor for 6 PhD/Post docs and 15 master students. He has been member in more than 10 PhD evaluation committees, in reputational academic institutions including Imperial College and Heriot-Watt. He was awarded the Meltzer Young Scientist Excellence Award 2015 and was selected for the Young Academy of Europe (2017).

Research interests

Fernø studies capillary phenomena and flow in porous media, including foam generation, spontaneous imbibition and CO2 injection. A focus in his authorship has been the use of in situ imaging of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media by using PET/CT, MRI/NMR, NTI and CT.