Affiliation: The University of Edinburgh, UK

Keywords: Greek history, Athenian democracy, Greek law, political institutions, political theory



Full profile:

From Alessandria, a provincial town in northern Italy, Mirko Canevaro left for Torino to study Classics. There he was involved in politics, campaigned against authoritarian changes to the Italian constitution and started a project that brought teaching of Civic Education to many schools of Piedmont. A move to England landed him a Durham PhD – and a Geordie wife. He has held research positions in Greece (at the British School of Athens) and Germany (at the Universität Mannheim), and is now Reader in Greek History at the University of Edinburgh (after being Chancellor’s Fellow).
His research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and, most recently, the European Research Council. In 2014 he was appointed Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland and he has been, since January 2015, Co-Chair of the Arts and Humanities in Society Working Group. In 2015 he was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize in recognition of his research achievements. In spring 2017 he was a Visiting Professor of Greek History at the Università di Cagliari. In 2017 he was also awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Thomas Reid Medal for Excellence in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, in recognition of his research on Greek politics and law.
Mirko is a Greek historian interested in institutional, social and economic history. His work has focused on the sources for Athenian legal and institutional history, on the ideology and procedures of constitutional reform in Athens, on the political philosophy of Aristotle, and on inequality of wealth and honour in the Greek city-states.