As “institutional memory” and as a recognition of their invaluable contribution to the founding and managing of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE), we hereby list the members of the previous YAE Boards.

YAE Board 2022-2023: Moniek Tromp (Chair), Scott Bremer (Vice-Chair), Katalin Solymosi (Vice-Chair), Gemma Modinos (Outgoing Chair), Artur Ciesielski (Selection Committee, Chair, PE), Anna Kuppuswamy (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, LS), Pierre-Héli Monot (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, SSH), Linn Leppert (Treasurer), David Fernandez Rivas (Secretary), Mona Simion (Recruitment Chair), Carme Font Paz (Communications Chair). For more information see here.

YAE Board 2021-2022: Gemma Modinos (Chair), Moniek Tromp (Vice-Chair), Pawel Korpal (Selection Committee Chair, SH), Artur Ciesielski (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, PE), Anna Kuppuswamy (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, LS), Zeila Zanolli (Treasurer), Katell Lavéant (Secretary), Scott Bremer (Activity Chair), Alina Mihaila Badescu (Recruitment Chair), Katalin Solymosi (Recruitment Vice-Chair), Senem Aydin-Düzgit (Communications Chair).

YAE Board 2020-2021: Gemma Modinos (Chair), Moniek Tromp (Vice-Chair), Mangala Srinivas (Outgoing Chair), Senem Aydin-Düzgit (Communications Chair), Alina Mihaila Badescu (Recruitment Chair), Scott Bremer (Activity Chair), Giulia Grancini (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, PE), Arild Husby (Selection Committee Chair, LS), Pawel Korpal (Selection Committee, Vice-Chair, SH), Katell Lavéant (Secretary), Katalin Solymosi (Recruitment Vice-Chair), Zeila Zanolli (Treasurer).

YAE Board 2019-2020: Mangala Srinivas (Chair), Toma Susi (Vice-Chair), Gemma Modinos (Vice-Chair), Zeila Zanolli (Treasurer), Yan Lavallée (Selection Commitee, Chair), Alina Badescu (Recruitment Chair), Pawel Korpal (Selection Commitee, Vice-Chair, SH), Moniek Tromp (Selection Commitee, Vice-Chair, PE), Arild Husby (Selection Commitee Vice-Chair, LS), Sylvestre Bonnet (Secretary), Raúl Arenal (Membership Chair), Thea Seliaas-Thorsen (Communications Chair), Giulia Grancini (Activities Chair).

YAE Board 2018-2019: Mangala Srinivas (Chair), Toma Susi (Vice-Chair), Marcel Swart (Outgoing Chair), Zeila Zanolli (Treasurer), Sylvestre Bonnet (Secretary), Yan Lavallée (Selection Committee Chair), Lydia Schumacher (Selection Committee Vice-Chair), Gemma Modinos (Selection Committee Vice-Chair), Kate Black (Communications Chair), Manuel Fernández-Götz (Communications Vice-Chair), Raúl Arenal (Membership Chair), Sebastian Leidel (Membership Vice-Chair).

YAE Board 2017-2018: Marcel Swart (Chair), Mangala Srinivas (Vice-Chair), Sebastian Leidel (Treasurer), Monica Brinzei (Secretary), Yan Lavallée (Selection Committee Chair), Lydia Schumacher (Selection Committee Vice-Chair), Sylvestre Bonnet (Selection Committee Vice-Chair), Toma Susi (Membership Chair), Karin Sigloch (Membership Vice-Chair), Manuel Fernández-Götz (Membership Vice-Chair), Kate Black (Communications Chair), Raúl Arenal (Communications Vice-Chair).

YAE Board 2016-2017: Hagit Amirav (Chair), Sven Bestmann (Vice-Chair), Nicole Grobert (Outgoing Chair), Sebastian Leidel (Treasurer), Shaul Shalvi (Secretary), Angela Casini (Chair of Selection Committee), Yan Lavallée (Chair PE), Marcel Swart (Vice-Chair PE/Chair), Lynn Kamerlin (Chair LS), Mangala Srinivas (Vice-Chair LS), Alexander Fidora (Chair SH), Monica Brinzei (Vice-Chair SH).

YAE Board 2015-2016: Nicole Grobert (Chair), Gentiana Wenzel (Secretary), André Mischke, Alban Kellerbauer (Treasurer), Alexandre Fidora, Sebastian Leidel (Vice-Chair PE), Christian Keysers, Mangala Srinivas, Lynn Kamerlin, Monica Brinzei, Christian Döller, Sven Bestmann.

YAE Board 2014-2015: Lynn Kamerlin (YAE Chair), Gentiana Wenzel, Nicole Grobert, Sven Bestmann, Alexander Fidora, Christian Doeller, Christian Keysers, Alban Kellerbauer (Treasurer), André Mischke, Jörg Peltzer (Chair SH), Magnus Rüping, Leif Schroeder (Secretary).

YAE Board 2013-2014: André Mischke (YAE Chair), Nicole Grobert, Leif Schroeder, Alban Kellerbauer (Treasurer), Jörg Peltzer, Christian Doeller (Chair, LS), Magnus Rüping, Francesca di Lodovico, Oliver Heiri, Thomas Schäfer, Simone Turchetti, Ariel Knafo, Lynn Kamerlin (Vice-Chair, LS).

YAE Board 2012-2013: André Mischke (YAE Chair), Leif Schroeder (Secretary), Alban Kellerbauer (Treasurer), Jörg Peltzer, Nicole Grobert,Francesca di Lodovico, Thomas Schäfer, Christian Doeller, Vincenzo Greco, Oliver Heiri, Magnus Rüping, Petra Sijpesteijn, Simone Turchetti.