YAE contribute to international symposium on the impact of Plan S

An international symposium on the impact of Plan S, organised by the AE Cardiff Knowledge Hub in collaboration with  the Young Academy of EuropeKU Leuven Libraries and Cardiff University, took place at KU Leuven on 5th-6th November 2019.

An audience of around 130 gathered at the historic Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. A distinguished panel of experts debated the prospects for researchers, universities, learned societies, academies and publishers.  

Dr Mangala Srinivas
Dr Mangala Srinivas FYAE, Chair of Young Academy of Europe, welcoming the attendees

After a welcome by Professor Sierd Cloetingh MAE, President of Academia Europaea, and Dr Mangala Srinivas FYAE, Chair of Young Academy of Europe, the conference started with the keynote address by Professor Johan Rooryck MAE, the new Open Access Champion.

The YAE contributed to the first panel discussion of the day which explored the impact of Plan S on early- and mid-career researchers. The session was chaired by Professor John Creemers, Director of the Doctoral School for Biomedical Sciences at KU Leuven. Speakers included:

The panel: Impact of Plan S on early- and mid-career researchers
Professor Toma Susi representing the YAE

Key points made during this open discussion were:

  • The negative effect of the present research evaluation system and impact factors on early-career researchers, with criticism of the current narrow definition of quality. 
  • DORA principles are important to early-career researchers but need to be implemented properly. 
  • Many early-career researchers are not well-informed about Plan S, therefore clear communication is vital. 
  • The possibility of alternative open publishing platforms was generally welcomed, as was a transition towards more open and transparent peer review processes.  

Panellists and organisers of “The future of research: Assessing the impact of Plan S”
Images courtesy of the Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub.
7th November 2019. For further information please contact info@yacadeuro.org

Opportunity to attend GYSS meeting

The YAE can nominate up to 5 members for the upcoming GYSS meeting. Nominations are due Oct 7. Please read the eligibility criteria. The meeting will be in mid Jan in Singapore. The speaker list looks incredible! 

The Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore is a gathering of young researchers worldwide for a chance to interact with eminent scientists and technology leaders.  It was started in 2013 with the objective of exciting and engaging young scientists to pursue their scientific dreams through close interactions with distinguished scientists and researchers, and with peers.  The Summit provides a platform for conversations on science and research, technology innovation and society, and solutions to global challenges.  

The Summit is a multi-disciplinary summit that covers topics including chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, computer science and engineering.  Speakers at the Summit include recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize and Turing Award.  The theme for the Summit is “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World”.  Promising young scientists will exchange ideas and knowledge with the speakers and their peers over five days under this theme. 
At the Summit, participants will take part in lectures, plenary sessions and panel discussions.  They will have the opportunity to interact with speakers in informal small group sessions.  Beyond these sessions, participants will visit local universities, research centres and local agencies to learn more about Singapore’s local research and innovation ecosystem.  They will also engage in social and cultural activities to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of multi-cultural Singapore.

1st October 2019. For further information please contact info@yacadeuro.org

New Open Access Champion of cOAlition S, Johan Rooryck, to be keynote at Plan S symposium

We are delighted to announce that new Open Access Champion of cOAlition S, Professor Johan Rooryck, will be our keynote speaker at The Future of research: Assessing the impact of Plan S.

The international symposium, taking place at KU Leuven on 5th-6th November 2019, will begin with Professor Rooryck speaking about Plan S: from principles to implementation. Following the keynote, expert panels will focus on key aspects of Plan S and its impact on research, with the opportunity for interactive discussion.

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Kick-off meeting of COST action Sci-GENERATION

The kick-off meeting of the COST Targeted Network Sci-GENERATION, initiated by the Young Academy of Europe, took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 13th November 2013.


Sci-GENERATION is a new COST initiative with currently 16 participating countries that aims at elaborating contemporary scientific thought and thereby disseminating a new spirit of research and innovation in Europe. The action is exclusively aimed at excellent next-generation scientists, because they experience on a daily basis the limitations and obstacles on their way to developing an outstanding research career, resulting from short-term decisions in European, national or regional research policy.

13th November 2013. For further information please contact info@yacadeuro.org