This year’s AGM in Barcelona saw a new YAE board elected for 2023. It saw quite a change in the guard, with Moniek Tromp becoming Chair, Katalin Solymosi and Scott Bremer becoming co-vice-chairs, and five new members elected to the board. A couple of weeks later, the board was able to hold its first meeting, and as a result, members roles were decided on. Meet your new board:

Gemma Modinos: Outgoing chair
Moniek Tromp: Chair
Scott Bremer and Katalin Solymosi: Co-vice-chairs
Linn Leppert: Treasurer
David Fernandez Rivas: Secretary
Artur Ciesielski: Selection Committee (PE) Chair
Anna Kuppuswamy: Selection Committee (LS) Vice-Chair
Pierre Monot: Selection Committee (SH) Vice-Chair
Serim Ilday: Activities Chair
Carme Font: Communications Chair
Mona Simion: Recruitment Chair

Between now and the end of the year we will be transferring responsibilities from outgoing board members to incoming members and establishing some new systems of working with the Bergen Hub, who have begun to kindly provide administrative help.

Feel free to take contact with any of the above board members if you have any questions, or ideas for the YAE; perhaps an event you want to organise? Or something worth communicating? Or something for members to collaborate on? You can always reach the chair and vice-chairs of the academy at