Dear Members of the Young Academy of Europe,

Some of us are just back from the Annual General Meeting which took place at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Those who were there will agree that it has been a wonderful occasion and a feast in celebration of excellent scholarship, good company and delicious food!

The Board would like to thank Nicole Grobert and the outgoing Board of the YAE whole heartily for their efforts in organising this event. For those who have not been there, please see the photo to get an idea as to what you have missed…

As you may know, the AGM programme also included election to some four vacant positions at the Board and one vacant position of the chair. Members of the Board who stepped down are Alban Kellerbauer, Andre Mischke, Christian Doeller, and Christian Keysers. Their contribution and countless efforts on behalf of the YAE were enormous. We owe them a great debt of thanks and hope that we will be able to benefit from their expertise also in the future.

Following the outcome of the election, the composition of the new board for 2016/17 is as follows:


Chair – Hagit Amirav
Vice Chair – Sven Bestmann
Vice Chair Outgoing – Nicole Grobert
Treasurer – Sebastian Leidel
Secretary – Shaul Shalvi
Chair of Selection Committee – Angela Casini
Chair PE – Yan Lavalle
Vice Chair PE – Marcel Swart
Chair LS – Caroline Lynn Kamerlin
Vice Chair LS – Mangala Srinivas
Chair SH – Alexander Fidora
Vice Chair SH – Monica Brinzei

We hope to see you all in the next AGM, which will be co-organised with Academia Europaea and held in Budapest, 4-6 September 2017.

With best wishes, also on behalf of YAE Board

Hagit Amirav

Chair, YAE

16th October 2016. For further information please contact