On 13th September 2022 the YAE signed a memorandum of understanding formalising a new cooperation with the AE Bergen Hub. The MoU was signed by Eystein Jansen for the AE-Bergen Hub and Gemma Modinos for the YAE. The event was facilitated by Scott Bremer, YAE Activities Chair.

A summary of the event, including the recording of the zoom event, can be found on the Bergen Hub’s website following this link: https://aebergen.w.uib.no/ae-bergen-hub-will-contribute-to-administrative-tasks-of-yae/

Receiving support for administrative tasks by the Bergen Hub will be a great help for the YAE and we very much look forward to future collaborations for policy-related activities!

Image courtesy of Nils Olav Sæverås, AE Bergen Hub