The Board of the Young Academy of Europe wrote a brief and supportive statement in response to a consultation by the European Commission on the future of scholarly publishing. The stakeholder statements have now been published:

In January 2019, the European Commission published the “Future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication”, a report by the H2020 Commission Expert Group on the Future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication. The report examines the current system – with its strengths and weaknesses, the actors involved in it and proposes a vision for the future.

A select number of stakeholders mainly participating in the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), and a few more organizations that complemented the configuration of OSPP, were invited to participate in the consultation. Additional organizations offered to participate in the consultation themselves (Annex A, list of consulted organizations). The consultation was sent to 32 organizations, 17 of which responded, representing research institutions, academic/learned societies, early career researcher associations, funders, and publishers. The consultation lasted between February and May 2019.