Yoav Tsori
Affiliation: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL


Keywords: Chemical Engineering




Full profile:

We are interested in the following topics:

Theoretical understanding of interfacial phenomena at the micron
and sub-micron scales.

Phase-transitions in liquid mixtures under external spatially nonuniform electric
or gravitational fields. Phase-separation in ion-containing mixtures.

Theoretical study of phase-transitions and structural changes in ordered
phases of block-copolymers, as a result of confinement, elastic forces,
or external electric field. Orientation of ordered phases confined to thin-films.

Conformations of curved objects (i.e. micelles) near solid surfaces.
Competition between entropic, elastic and enthalpic forces.

Non-trivial polymer brush conformations when the end-groups are charged.

“Bacteria optics” : E. Coli bacteria sometimes behave in wave-like fashion.
The similarity and dissimilarity with optics is explored in these complex systems.