Affiliation: University of Szeged, HU

Keywords: Mathematical biology, Delay differential equations, Nonlinear dynamics, Bifurcation theory, Disease modeling



Full profile:

Gergely Röst obtained his PhD at the University of Szeged, Hungary in 2006, while completing parts of his studies in Italy (Potenza,Pisa) and with a DAAD fellowship in Germany (Giessen). He received the highest possible honor for academic achievement in the country, the Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis Rei Publicae, delivered by the president of Hungary. He was a postdoctoral research fellow at the York University, Toronto, and Fulbright scholar at the Arizona State University. In 2010 he received an ERC Starting Grant. He completed habilitation in 2013, and was a recipient of several awards by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian János Bolyai Mathematical Society. He is associate professor at the University of Szeged, currently on sabbatical for a research fellowship at the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford.
He supervised six PhD students and eight postdocs, author of more than sixty research papers, and editor of seven scientific journals. He works very actively for the public understanding of applied mathematics, and frequently appears in the media, including TV, radio, magazines.

Research interests:

He works in the mathematical theory of infinite dimensional dynamical systems and their applications in mathematical biology. In particular, he is interested in the interplay of nonlinear phenomena and time delays, and their impact on the outcome of biological dynamics. Most of his applied works are focused on infectious disease dynamics.