The Young Academy of Europe together with the Global Young Academy, and National Young Academies from Europe and associated countries have come together and signed an open letter to the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and national governments to raise concerns over proposed cuts to Horizon Europe funding in 2021-2027s. The aim of the letter is to persuade MEPs and national governments to act against the proposed cuts in the Horizon Europe funding.

Early Career Researchers argue that cutting the budget for science and innovation, and in particular funding for Pillar 1 which covers ERC and MSCA initiatives, will permanently and deeply damage European science. It will also lower the EU’s competitiveness and weaken its ability to develop innovative technologies, create jobs and respond to global challenges. Therefore, they postulate the restoration of the Horizon Europe budget to the level of at least 94.4 bn EUR and to give the priority funding to Pillar 1 – Excellent Science initiatives.

You can find the full letter on the website of the Polish Young Academy.

If you would like to express your support, you can do so by submitting this online form.