From 10-11am on Thursday the 16th of December, the Young Academy of Europe will host a film-viewing and discussion with New Zealand-based, award-winning documentary and film-maker James Muir. This event will appeal to scientists interested in the many roles film is coming to play in scientific research, as told from one film-maker’s perspective. 

Documentary-style film has long fulfilled a role in communicating scientific research to a broader public, but in recent years film has been added to scientists toolboxes of methods for conducting the research itself; from asking research subjects to film certain situations, to showing films to trigger workshop discussions. Indeed, with shifts toward conducting science in a ‘transdisciplinary’ mode, film-makers are becoming members of the research team, with a role in designing, conducting, analysing and communicating the research. This unlocks an exciting host of possibilities.

James Muir trained as a biologist specialising in behavioural ecology and conservation. He learnt filmmaking with Natural History New Zealand through his Masters Degree in Science Communication, and has since told stories that reveal the relationship between nature and human nature.

This event will be held on Zoom and is open to members of the Young Academy of Europe, but also non-members who find this interesting. On Monday 13 December, all registered attendees will be sent an email containing: (i) a Zoom link for the event; (ii) a link to Muir’s 30-minute long, documentary film ‘River Dog’, and (iii) a link to an accompanying scientific paper. Attendees should watch the film ahead of the Zoom event, because the event itself will consist of a live interview with Muir about River Dog and his perspectives on film in science, before opening up for a more general facilitated discussion on the topic among all attendees. 

This event is free. Please register your attendance before 5pm on the 15th of December, and note we cap the number of attendees at 100. You can register here.

We look forward to seeing you there.