Following meetings in 2010 and 2011 of newly funded grant holders at the national level, a meeting with 11 young scholars and scientists from various member states(1) was held in Paris in September 2011. At this meeting, possible routes towards establishing a Young Academy of Europe were discussed, and its aims and activities were defined.

The Young Academy of Europe was formally established as an independent association of top young researchers in Europe at a constitutive meeting held in Brussels on 7-8 December 2012, with logistic and financial support from COST. Also in December 2012, the YAE established a partnership with Academia Europaea (AE), with YAE representation at AE board meetings. We’ve also long collaborated on policy with the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE).

Members of the YAE Board at the constitutive meeting 2012 in Brussels

Members of the YAE Board at the constitutive meeting, Brussels, 2012

(1) Christian Doeller (NL), Nicole Grobert (UK), Alban Kellerbauer (DE), Ariel Knafo (IL), André Mischke (NL), Jörg Peltzer (DE), Magnus Rueping (DE), Raymond Schiffelers (NL), Leif Schröder (DE), Petra Sijpesteijn (NL) and Simone Turchetti (UK).