Hendry Kate

Affiliation: Royal Society University Research Fellow, School of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Bristol, UK
Keywords: biogeochemistry, oceanography, paleoclimate, isotope geochemistry


Full profile:

Kate Hendry obtained her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (2004), before completing a doctorate in Antarctic biogeochemistry at Oxford University (2008). She was awarded a postdoctoral scholarship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, working on ocean chemistry and paleoclimate (2009-2011). She then moved back to the UK, initially as a Research Lecturer at Cardiff University (2012-2013), then as a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Bristol (2013-). She has published over 30 well-cited, peer reviewed papers, with over 400 citations, and has been invited to give talks at several international conferences. She is a director of Antarctic Science Ltd, and sits on the UK National Committee of Antarctic Research. She was awarded the European Association of Geochemistry EAG Hautermans Award for early career geochemistry (2016), a European Research Council ERC starter grant (2016), and was selected for the Young Academy of Europe (2017).

Research interests:

Kate’s main research interests lie in the investigation of modern biogeochemical cycling and past ocean processes, focusing on biogenic opal and silicon cycling in seawater. Her work uses isotope geochemistry as a tool for investigating nutrient uptake, biological production and particle cycling in the modern ocean as well as in the past using marine sediment archives.