Affiliation: Basque Centre for Materials Applications and nanostructures, Leioa, ES

Keywords: Renewable energy, Nanotechnology, Materials science, Organic semiconductors, Photophysics, Plasmonics, Exciton dynamics, Interfacial engineering



Full profile:

Dr. Kazim is Ikerbasque Fellow & group leader at Basque Centre for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures. Prior to this, she worked at corporate research center of multinational Abengoa, as a tenured Senior scientist (2013-2017). She studied Materials chemistry and earn her Ph.D degree (2008) in the field of conducting polymers. She was hired as a post-doc fellow at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India) to investigate polymer-clay nanocomposites as functional materials. Subsequently, she was awarded IUPAC/UNESCO fellowship at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague and later, appointed as staff scientist (2009-2013) to study “plasmonic nanocomposites”. She has disseminated her work in several conferences as Keynote, Invited and oral presentation and published over 50 research articles in reputed journals in the field of material science, energy and nanotechnology, and inventor of numerous patents in the field of energy conversion and storage. Her research mission is to design and investigate new semiconductors materials for optoelectronics applications.