Affiliation: University of Stuttgart, DE

Keywords: Quantum physics, Quantum technologies, Ultracold quantum gases, Cold molecules, Quantum many-body systems



Full profile:

Dr. Tim Langen is the head of a research group at the 5th Institute of Physics of the University of Stuttgart, where he studies atoms and molecules at temperatures close to absolute zero.  Before that, he was a postdoctoral fellow at JILA in Boulder, and studied physics in Vienna, Paris, Mainz and Marseille.
Tim Langen has made a large number of important and widely recognized contributions to many aspects of atomic, molecular, and quantum physics. These include the observation of a novel supersolid state of matter, advances in direct molecular cooling and landmark studies of the non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems. He has received several prestigious international prizes and fellowships, among them an ERC Starting Grant, the Rudolf Kaiser Prize 2019, the Runner-up New Journal of Physics Early Career Award 2017, and the QEOD Thesis Award of the European Physical Society 2015. He has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is an Editorial Board member for New Journal of Physics.