Affiliation: University of Oslo

Keywords: Formal syntax, Formal semantics, Syntax-semantics interface, Gesture semantics, Dance cognition, Primate linguistics



Full profile:

Pritty Patel-Grosz is Professor of Linguistics and director of the Super Linguistics Research Group at the University of Oslo. She was educated at University College London, and obtained a PhD in Linguistics from MIT. Her early interests include the syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface and psycholinguistics. She has conducted research on individual variables, agreement and anaphoric presuppositions. In recent work, P. Patel-Grosz advocates for the emerging field of Super Linguistics, whose goal is to expand the traditional boundaries of language and linguistics, by applying formal linguistic methodology to non-standard objects beyond language. P. Patel-Grosz’s current research proposes a unified semantic theory of body movement. In collaboration with musicologists and primatologists, she has explored the semantics of narrative dance, and illustrated its similarities to linguistic semantics; this research is now being extended to non-human primates.