Author: Jesus Acapulco

7th Annual Meeting of the Young Academy of Europe, 2018: an update from the Board

Message from the Chair "I am very excited to have been elected as the Chair at our recent AGM in Barcelona. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you [...]

Joint Statement on Implementation Guidance for Plan S

Plan S is an initiative by cOAlition S to achieve full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications after 01 January 2020 in Europe. At the heart of [...]

Press Release: Researchers Respond to Implementation of Plan S

A joint response to the implementation guidance for Plan S has today been issued by three organisations representing early-career and senior researchers in [...]

YAE members receive ERC consolidator grant awards

Congratulations to the following members of the Young Academy of Europe who have been awarded an ERC consolidator grant: • Clemence Corminboeuf • [...]


Affiliation: University of Groningen, NL Keywords: Sustainable catalysis, green chemistry, lignin depolymerization, lignocellulose, renewable resources and [...]

Den Hertog

Affiliation: Institut NÉEL, FR Keywords: Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Nanotechnology, Microscopy, Nanoscopy, Materials science, Electron [...]


Affiliation: Université de Genève, CH Keywords: Volcanology, Petrology, Physical properties of magmas, Magmatic Ore Deposits [...]


Affiliation: Aarhus University, DK Keywords: studies of nationalism in theory, transnationalism, national museums and cultural heritage, 19th century art, [...]


Affiliation: University College Dublin, IE Keywords: medieval philosophy, history of metaphysics, theories of the soul, Neoplatonism, Latin Averroism, [...]


Affiliation: University of Oxford, UK Keywords: Victorian literature, Victorian painting, reception studies, colour, pigments, dyes [...]